Thoughts to Edward S. Curtis from the Smithsonian – 1907

EXTRACT FROM LETTER FROM MR. HOLMES, CHIEF OF THE BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, WASHINGTON, D.C. “Your idea is a grand one – the preservation for the far future of an adequate record of the physical types of one of the four races of men, a race fast losing its typical characters and soon … More

Nicholas Coleman

Sssssshhhhh… Can you hear that plopping sound? That’s the apple falling not too far from the tree. Which brings us to our current artist of note Nicholas Coleman. I know you are standing there with your index finger on your face and your eyes looking upward thinking – “Coleman? Coleman?! Artist?” where have I heard … More

Cibachrome Photography for the Soul

Photography is a medium which most of us utilize most likely on a daily basis. Like the commercial says, “a billion people uploading the human experience.” In a sense everyone is a photographer. To different degrees and levels, but it’s safe to say that we have all done our share of photography and or photo … More

Pencil Drawings…that’s it…..nothing else!

This week’s blog is on Woodrow Blagg and honestly since February is the month of love, I LOVE Woody’s work. His work continues to awe me every time I admire a piece. I could stand and just stare at his drawings, which I do frequently. They are all done by graphite pencil. No color. No … More

Theodore Waddell

What do you do with a man that loves to ranch and run cattle and ran cattle for 25 years. So on one hand you have this and on another he taught fine art as a professor at the University of Montana. Well…when you combine them and now have glorious pictures of horses and cattle. … More

Pete Hajdu Custom Fine Furniture

This month Valley Fine Art is featuring Pete Hadju. Pete is a local artist who lives in Aspen and works at his studio in Carbondale, for all of you who don’t live here in Aspen, that’s down valley. Down valley, up valley, I actually think art happens all over the valley… like all the popular … More

John James Audubon: A Famous Artist and a Quite a Character

This month we are focusing on artist, John James Audubon and a group of his Imperial Folio Edition of hand colored stone lithographs have arrived at Valley Fine Art, and are extraordinary. He is best known for The Birds of America, and his story is a dramatic and surprising one. Audubon was not born in America, but … More

Curtis Goldtone Photographs And Clients That Are Pure Gold

Hello everyone: One of the best things about owning a gallery is getting to know your clients and seeing their passion about the art first-hand. Sometimes the best relationships start with a simple email like the one I received from a gentleman in Germany asking about various vintage Edward S. Curtis pieces. To get a … More

Welcome to Valley Fine Art

Welcome to Valley Fine Art at the historic Wheeler Opera House in downtown Aspen—and welcome as well to our brand-new web site, our first update in several years. We have many reasons to be excited, the main one being that the site allows everyone a much better look at all the artists, living and historical, … More



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