Aspen Art Gallery Artist Woodrow Blagg

With utmost care and attention to every detail, Woodrow Blagg creates each of his drawings using only graphite and paper. Demonstrating a mastery of his medium, his photorealistic pieces depict dramatic scenes of life in the West. Growing up in Texas, Blagg developed a deep appreciation for the ongoing rituals of ranch life and cowboy […]

Charles Partridge Adams Sopris

Artwork by Charles Partridge Adams

Widely considered to be Colorado’s’ finest landscape artist, Charles Partridge Adams had a deeply engrained love for the natural world. Adams wrote in his memoir: “I saw the Rocky Mountains as I had dreamed of them before I came west. Towering above a great valley filled with afternoon mists, their summits glistening with the pure […]

El Contrafuerte con la Luz Amarillo Verdoso Claro

Harold Joe Waldrum (1934–2003)

The painter Harold Joe Waldrum was born in Texas and came to New Mexico with an already-keen eye for the southwestern landscape. The color, texture, and character he found in Taos, however, exceeded his wildest imagination and the region became his lifelong muse. Waldrum’s journey to becoming a well-respected and established artist was fueled by […]

Cow Country, Barbara Van Cleve

What Characterizes Contemporary Art?

There’s no need to be daunted by contemporary art. Simply consider that contemporary art is a broad term used to describe artwork created in the 21st century. A contemporary artist must be living and working in our lifetime, regardless of the medium or subject matter. With that definition in mind, it is easier to overcome […]

Plate 119 "In the Badlands - Sioux"

Great Landscapes – Plains Indian Photographs of Edward Curtis

When I think of the Plains Indian Photographs of Edward Curtis, the first images that typically come to mind are of his striking Native American portraiture. But, his images contain so much more than just faces. I find the scenery of the American West that he captures in conjunction with the Natives helps deepen the […]

Warhol General Custer

Why We Love Warhol

A client came into our gallery the other day and asked us why Andy Warhol is considered so great. “I mean,” he said, “couldn’t anyone just take a picture of a soup can and put it on the wall?” He raised a worthy question. In many other artists’ work, their remarkable talent is immediately evident. […]

Edward Curtis Photographs

Edward S Curtis Art – ‘A Promise Fulfilled’

Edward S Curtis art is focused on Native Americans from the United States. Edward S. Curtis’ iconic photograph of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce introduced America to a brave chief who led his people during a time of great upheaval for Native Americans. Initially, there was a tenuous peace between the Nez Perce and the […]


Influential Historic Artists and Why They Matter

It is not hard to see the beauty in one of Frederick Remington’s idyllic Cowboy portrayals, or the power in a Thomas moran landscape. Alone, even a reproduction of these works can take nearly anyone’s breath away. But why do they matter? Why are artists like Alfred Jacob Miller, Thomas Moran, Frederick Remington, and many […]

Curtis Vintage Portfolio Images for Sale

Edward Curtis: Simplifying the Relevance

Since the 1970’s Edward Curtis’ iconic images have surfaced from a whole variety of places:  libraries, family heirlooms, undocumented museum collections, pawn shops, discovered in the basements of old houses, etc.  And, since the 70’s, the artist’s work has consistently gone up in value to collectors. But why is Curtis so relevant?  What really makes […]

Canon de Chelly

Rare Edward Curtis Masterprints in Silver

Valley Fine Art presents two of Edward S. Curtis’ most seminal photographs, Canon De Chelly and An Oasis in the Badlands, both traditional gelatin silver prints.  Both images were, in fact, included in Curtis’ magnum opus, The North American Indian:  Canon De Chelly is Plate 28, photographed in 1904 and An Oasis in the Badlands, […]



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