Cibachrome Photography for the Soul

Photography is a medium which most of us utilize most likely on a daily basis. Like the commercial says, “a billion people uploading the human experience.” In a sense everyone is a photographer. To different degrees and levels, but it’s safe to say that we have all done our share of photography and or photo editing.

You may gravitate to a certain photographer’s composition style, technique, or subject matter, etc.
But for me-there is only one.

I am so honored to share on our blog about Christopher Burkett!

I don’t think it is any secret my love for my hometown. I certainly don’t think anyone can argue with me on that. Every time I go for a hike I see something I haven’t seen the other 100 times I have taken that same hike. I look up with all the sincerity I can muster and thank God I live here.

So this may make me a little ’particular’ when it comes to someone taking pictures of my home.

Ok…a lot particular…

OK, almost impossible for you to get pass the gate keeper to show me your work!

But, I love Christopher’s work.

When I view his imagery my heart kind of swells up and get all tingly inside, because he is one of the only photographers I know that captures ‘my home’ with the honor and dignity it deserves. Although Christopher’s images are from across the country, my favorite images are from right here in Colorado.

With that said, he had to overcome some diversity as a child- did you know as a child he was severely far sighted? He saw things in blurry undertones and actually felt his way around life. And, he was also a Brother in a Christian Order for seven years. Can you believe that? Maybe that is why I feel a spiritual connection to him and his work.

If this blogg allowed me to actually write 25,000 words on this artist -I could do it.

But I can’t. So I have to jump to the secret pretty quick.

Like now.

So come closer, a little closer…

It’s the paper.
THE Paper.

Now it’s also his mind blowing talent combined with THE paper.

But the paper is magical.

It’s Cibachrome.

And you need a CIA Clearance to get it. Actually now I think it is on the “No fly list”.
Let me make myself clearer. In order to get this paper in 2013, you would need a billion dollars, CIA Clearance, Lunch with the Director of The FBI and play golf with the President (Obama) not of the company. Kidding…sort of. Because, the paper is becoming obsolete, it is no longer made in America. Christopher recently traveled across the world to sort out one last cibachrome paper source. A Super Hero along with being a wizard of photography.

That’s all I’m saying, CIA Clearance and everything.

Cibachrome has unique emulsions that are thirteen layers of Azo-Dyes containing silver that transcend delightful senses of depth and luminosity throughout the entire image. The papers silver halide emulsion represents a high resolution of detail, color saturation, with an expanding tonal range of values. The unique qualities of a Cibachrome are distinctive and set them apart from any other photographic image. It enables to engage with the viewer for an emotional connection that can get them lost within the imagery and beauty. This makes them very appealing to the eye and the soul.

Cibachrome is truly the best of the best, it can be handed down from generation to generation as a legacy for sharing the spirit of nature. This process has become extremely rare. It’s a lost art in a world that has sold their soul to digital.

But the color… now this is what I believe makes this paper almost priceless. Although right now if Christopher heard me say that he would be coughing up silver at my ‘priceless’ remark.


“ Come over here a little closer, I can’t hear you!”

“Oh…you want me to move? From this tree? Right now? In the middle of the forest?”

Gotta go-The most spectacular photographer on this planet (Christopher) is going to take another brilliant, magnificent, spectacular photo of my home, Aspen.

The landscape is yours Mr. Burkett…proceed.

“The purpose of my photography is to provide a brief, if somewhat veiled, glimpse into that clear and brilliant world of light and power. To the extent that these photographs help show that way, is the extent to which these images succeed.” – Christopher Burkett

Warm regards,
Mia Valley