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The movement and conversation within the gallery walls of Valley Fine Art is lively and constant. Knowledgeable staff can discuss the history and influence of each piece, giving you a well-rounded understanding of the art. The gallery brims with talent, and the walls move and slide to showcase stunning new pieces. Shafts of natural light spill onto the artwork throughout the day, enabling the buyer to experience the art as it might appear at home. Featured artists rotate into the gallery each month, keeping the conversation fresh.

American Western Art Gallery

It’s as if the pieces themselves speak to one another. Many of Edward Curtis’ finest photographs were shot in Canyon de Chelly, where Ansel Adams returned decades later to capture some of his legendary work. Andy Warhol’s “Geronimo,” also, pays homage to Curtis’ iconic Native American photographs. While the progression of American art has spurred artistic innovation, growth, and stylistic experimentation among the artists, the influential voice of the past plays an equal role. Nowhere else is that conversation more appreciable than at Valley Fine Art.

Plate 119 "In the Badlands - Sioux"

Art Gallery Aspen

Guests are sure to find that the congenial and welcoming atmosphere at Valley Fine Art is a breath of fresh Aspen air. Whether you are browsing or buying, conversation is fruitful and friendly. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, owner Mia Valley will use her well established contacts to help a buyer acquire artwork not available in the gallery. Helping you discover the perfect piece for your space is top priority at Valley Fine Art, so contact us today with questions about a specific piece, or stop into our art gallery in Aspen anytime.

“No one man alone could preserve such a record in complete form,” Theodore Roosevelt once said. “Others have worked in the past, and are working in the present, to preserve parts of the record; but Mr. Curtis, because of the singular combination of qualities with which he has been blest, and because of his extraordinary success in making and using his opportunities, has been able to do what no other man ever has done; what, as for as we can see, no other man could do.”

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