Aspen Art Gallery Artist Woodrow Blagg

With utmost care and attention to every detail, Woodrow Blagg creates each of his drawings using only graphite and paper. Demonstrating a mastery of his medium, his photorealistic pieces depict dramatic scenes of life in the West. Growing up in Texas, Blagg developed a deep appreciation for the ongoing rituals of ranch life and cowboy culture. Though he lives in Pennsylvania today, his love for western culture and imagery is as indelible as ever.

Blagg grew up in a family of 10 children, four of whom became artists. You could say creativity and talent is in his blood. We are very excited to introduce our newest piece called, “Mother’s Day” a 30 x 48 inch pencil drawing that depicts a cowboy working with cattle. This powerful image really shows Blagg’s interest in the hard physical labor seen on a ranch as well as his understanding of the anatomy of both humans and cattle.

When we asked Blagg how he chose the title, he remarked that the story of “Mother’s Day” is simple, “The round-up happens every spring on the Waggoners’ Ranch, and for many years I was on this ranch in the spring through Mother’s Day. This image is dedicated to my mother who passed away almost 3 years ago; she was mother of 10 children. Symbolically, this drawing shows mother cows protecting and guarding the baby calves. Ever alert and ready from harm, these mother cows were great portraits for me and a stalwart testament how our mothers’ presence influenced all of us children. It’s a gift to her.”

Mother's Day

Valley Fine Art has a strong collection of Blagg’s works. These are pieces that must be seen to be believed. The cowboys and cows are so realistic in “Open Range” and “Jack O’ Clubs” that you’ll try to rub the dust out of your eyes. Woodrow Blagg has made an impressive mark on the contemporary art scene, far beyond the Western category. We invite you to enjoy these artworks with us in the gallery or online.