Andrew Bolam’s Native American Paintings Will Resonate With You

Andrew Bolam was fascinated with Native Americans as a child growing up in Northern England. As a professional painter, he has tapped into that curiosity to great acclaim in his artwork. Working in acrylic on panel, Bolam uses texture, color, and repetitive imagery to create bold and memorable paintings. His noteworthy pieces of art can be found at Valley Fine Art, in Aspen, Colorado this summer.

Andrew Bolam

Bolam draws upon Native American subjects because the imagery is close to his heart. He usually depicts the Plains Indians, the Lakota, the Blackfoot, and Arapaho. He is inspired by the way these tribes respectfully managed their resources while they followed and hunted the buffalo for food, clothing, and shelter. The desire to conserve and preserve our natural resources is a motivation that we can relate to in our modern times.

Andrew Bolam In his artwork, Bolam lends color and texture to the concept that our human ability to grasp and resonate with silhouettes lies deep in our evolved brains. Think of the cave drawings the early humans painted. An great example is located here: Our fight-or-flight instincts reside in the emotional part of our brain that is linked to our ability to recognize animal shapes—safe animals and dangerous animals, those we eat and those we use for transport. Our ability as humans to recognize and understand silhouettes has been passed down from our ancestors. This powerful link is crucial to our survival and development as a species. From ancient times, art has been both a beautiful form of expression and importantly instructive to fellow humans.

At Valley Fine Art, several of Bolam’s Native American silhouettes are on offer.  His depiction of the traditional Native American headdress is quickly recognizable. Yet, through his bold colors and modern-day background, the subject takes on new power. Bolam’s modern take on the traditional western subject matter bestows new reverence to a silhouette that holds an honored place in American lore. Click here to see his artwork.

Mia Valley at Valley Fine Art has several of Bolam’s pieces on offer.  “Peace Keeper,” “ Forgiveness,”   “Peacemeaker,” “ Solomon,” and “The Crown Prince.”

Situated in the heart of downtown Aspen, at the historic Wheeler Opera House, Valley Fine Art is open to browsers and collectors alike. Come enjoy our happy atmosphere and chat with our knowledgeable staff.