Michael Charron (b 1957)

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Michael Charron - Aspen Mountain At Sunset border=
Aspen Mountain At Sunset
10 x 8 inches
Oil on Canvas
Artist Statement:

Although my process of painting is, in itself, a type of conceptualism, there is an intentional conceptual undercurrent of more significance. The thumbnail sketches become the place where journaling occurs. In the evenings, by the fire or in my tent, I write about a variety of events and thoughts which I’ll draw upon for my larger canvases. Heading into the wilderness is my forty days and forty nights. It is in these times that connectivity, mysticism and inner exploration occur. It is in the wilderness that Source or Divine Nature powerfully manifest. It is here that epiphanies are brought forth both as a painter and an observer. I consider myself a Conceptual Realist which is code for Practical Mystic.
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