Michael Charron (b 1957)

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Michael Charron - Abstraction on the Roaring Fork border=
Abstraction on the Roaring Fork
10 x 10 inches
Oil on Canvas
Artist Statement:

I believe that enduring art must reflect values of the culture from which it comes. The culture that I choose to explore is one that suggests that there is a worldwide spiritual awakening currently underway. Although it is frequently referred to as "New Age" consciousness, its foundation is in ancient wisdom, an empowering wisdom being revisited by contemporary quantum metaphysicians. Specifically, my traditionally approached landscape paintings are imbued with subliminal affirmations, or prayers, cursively written then masked by the organic nature of the paint application. My paintings, or “Sensory Communions” as I refer to them, are vehicles for my participation into the cultural value of enlightenment.
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