Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis - Chief of the Desert - Navaho border=
Edward S. Curtis - Chief of the Desert - NavahoEdward S. Curtis - Chief of the Desert - NavahoEdward S. Curtis - Chief of the Desert - Navaho
Chief of the Desert - Navaho
c. 1930
8 x 6 inches
Vintage Silver Border Print
From Edward Curtis' North American Indian: This stunning image was described as: Picturing not only the individual but a characteristic member of the tribe - disdainful, energetic, and self-reliant.

The North American Indian Portfolio's that this piece came out of pictured and described in unprecedented detail the Native Americans of the Western United States and Alaska. The volumes include some 1511 hand-printed illustrations (including 1505 photogravures, four maps, and two diagrams), as well as over 3000 pages of text and translations of languages and music.

This particular image was printed as a silver border print, considered one of Curtis’ masterprints. Curtis’ Master prints comprise less than one percent of his work. They were produced as a small body of work in addition to the, “Native American Indian” project and often by request (as they were expensive to print). The Silver border print process while not created by, was pioneered by Curtis. The negative contact prints come as close to the artists hand as possible using this technique, because each time an image is enlarged a bit of information is lost.

Many of these images are on display in our Aspen Art Gallery.
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