Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis -   Plate 089 Little Hawk border=
Plate 089 Little Hawk
Portfolio, 22 x 18 inches
Vintage Photogravure
Description by Edward Curtis: This portrait exhibits the typical Brule physiognomy. The Brule are a subset of the Lakota Sioux and could be found in North and South Dakota and Montana-Big Sioux and James valleys in South Dakota, Missouri river, and Black Hills.

From Curtis' North American Indian: "No tribe which the writer has studied is so lacking in traditional knowledge of its original home and early migration. In fact, no creation and early migration legend worthy of the name has been found to exist among any of the western Sioux tribes. On the other hand, other tribes of Siouan stock, the Apsaroke, Hidatsa, and Mandan, have definite creation and migration stories, which make it clearly evident that at one time they had their home on the South Atlantic seaboard, where Siouan tribes are known to have lived well within the eighteenth century, and where indeed the remnant of the Catawba still live."

This image is uniquely cropped by Curtis, elongating the subject. The photographer used artistic effects to have the photograph fade into the bottom of the paper.
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