Barbara Van Cleve (b. 1935)

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Barbara Van Cleve - Graceful Control border=
Graceful Control
19 1/4 x 14 15/16 inches
Silver Gelatin Photograph
Artist Statement:

Through the process of printing, I try to encourage the viewer’s awareness or recognition of my response to the image as “seen” and as experienced within the actual environment. Photography is a spiritual and emotional conduit of my experience of the senses in responding to the “other side” or the truth, essence or reality of what I see and try to communicate.

This communication from the “being” of the “thing observed” to the physical world of the photograph is filtered through my learning and imagination. And imagination is created partly by past experiences, either actual or vicarious, and partly by anticipated future experiences or desire. I believe that imagination is a vital part of the gift of being a photographer. My “heart” must lead my “eye.”
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