Nicholas Coleman Biography

Nicholas Coleman was born in Provo, Utah, 1978.  He has been painting and drawing ever since he can remember. Always loving the outside, the only time he is inside is when he is painting scenes and sites he has brought back from the field, often bird nests or other things.  He has traveled extensively through Europe, looking through the history of art looking to many of the old masters for inspiration.  Nick has also traveled much with his father to Africa and many places in North America hunting and fishing along the way, taking photographs and painting or drawing studies for later works.  He traveled and lived in South America for two years, which helped him see nature at its finest.

Different artists Nick looks to besides his father Michael Coleman, are Charles Marion Russell, Fredrick Edwin Church, William Turner, Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt, Fredrick Remington, Philip R. Goodwin, Ray Harris Ching, Bruno Liljefors, to name a few.  Nick likes the traditional academic approach to his painting.  Painting in gouache and oil, and has a desire to improve his technique with   etching and sculpture mediums as well.  His father told him, “You are only as good as your last painting,” so he can never stop, he only plans to keep working harder to do what he loves.  When he paints, he doesn’t like to label his style as realism because there is a certain spontaneity and impressionistic feel to his paintings.  He tries to involve his viewers into the painting with the time of day, a mood to where the viewer can walk into the painting.
Featured in the September 2000 issue of Southwest Art magazine “21 under 31”.
Awards and Honors, exhibitions:
Award of merit for Wildlife-Bennington Center for the Arts Museum, Vermont – Sept. 2002