Robert McCauley (b. 1946)

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Separated at Birth
24 x 30 inches
Oil on Canvas
These paintings are not about one person, one group. The content of the work requires a metaphor standing in as “every man”, with whom the viewer can identify. Such a figure should avoid gender identification and personal recognition, or fashion indicating a specific era. Ideally, the every person should stand upright as we do. As two men in a bear suit do. Ursus americanus, the North American black bear is I. You. Everyone.

I give the bear a confrontational pose, facing outward, making eye contact with the viewer. One on one. I never paint as if we’re looking down on an animal. I never appropriate the cliché of vicious, aggressive, predator bears. No gnashing of teeth. Rather a revisionist’s view of the relationship of man and nature. Equal.

Robert McCauley
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