Nicholas Coleman (b.1978)

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Nicholas Coleman - Upper Salt River - Buffalo Days border=
Nicholas Coleman - Upper Salt River - Buffalo DaysNicholas Coleman - Upper Salt River - Buffalo Days
Upper Salt River - Buffalo Days
24 x 30 inches
Oil on Canvas
Adhering to an academic approach and consistently deriving inspiration from his love of the outdoors, his library of Native American history, and his admiration for wildlife painters, landscape wildlife artist, Nicholas Coleman, is an “old romantic” despite his relatively young 44 years.

Sometimes still using Impressionistic-like dabs of paint, his paintings portray Native American Indians as peaceful, dignified human beings in natural surroundings that feel chilly or warm depending on the time of day or year. Taking advantage of the many taxidermies and living animals hanging and crawling around his father’s studio, he also incorporates wildlife into most of his paintings. The combination of landscape and wildlife define Nicholas as an emerging American West painter worthy of note.
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