Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis - Camp by a Prairie Lake - Piegan border=
Camp by a Prairie Lake - Piegan
Volume, 9.5 x 12.5 inches
Vintage Photogravure
Like many other Native tribes, the Piegan favored the buffalo skin tipi. They used a tanned, almost white hide that would over time become brown with use and was an extremely soft and flexible material. A small tipi would be able 6 or 7 hides, these tipis were best for travelling. They also made large tipis that used up to 20 hides. The number of poles, of course, depended on how many skins one was using for the tipi.

This beautiful tipi pictured here has be decorated and the opening is sealed with a skin. Three maidens sit outside of the tipi looking into the distance. The beautiful location is on the shore of a lake and there is even a small bird flying in the background. This photogravure was taken by Edward Curtis in 1911 and is now on display in our Aspen Art Gallery.
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