Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis -   Plate 275 Dip-Netting in Pools - Wishham, 1909 border=
Plate 275 Dip-Netting in Pools - Wishham, 1909
Portfolio, 22 x 18 inches
Vintage Photogravure
The Wisham tribe generally fished along the Columbia River with large nets. If they were lucky, they would bring home many salmon. In this photogravure one gets a great view of the massive nets they would use to go fishing with as well as the rocky shoreline they fished from. The subject is focused on his task and is wearing nothing but a small loincloth.

“In the quiet pools along the rocky shore the salmon sometimes lie resting from their long journey up-stream. The experienced fisherman knows these spots, and by a deft movement of his net he takes toll from each one”.- Edward S. Curtis

RELIGION AND CEREMONIES: The myths of the Wishham were exceedingly interesting in that they show unusual wealth of imagination and vivacity, yet they are disappointing in their incomplete cosmology and their inattention to obvious phenomena. The Wishham attainment of supernatural attributes was attended with far less than ordinary travail. When seven or eight years of age a boy was instructed by his father or other male relative in the mysteries of the acquirement of "yuhlmah," and bidden to begin his journey to lonely spots among the high hills, that the spirits might come to him. - Edward Curtis
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