Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis - Plate 186 Painted Lodges - Piegan border=
Plate 186 Painted Lodges - Piegan
Portfolio, 18 x 22 inches
Vintage Photogravure

Taken by artist Edward S. Curtis, this beautiful Piegan scene depicts a large camp of tipis in which a few have been painted. Known to have some of the larges tipis of the plains Indians, Piegan often painted their lodges. The imagery could display the owner’s career, life as a warrior, or something seen in a vision. Most likely the tipi seen here is an imitation of a tipi seen in a vision.

This image was taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1900, around the very beginning of his project The North American Indian. It was printed on Dutch Van Gelder paper and is currently for sale in our Aspen Art Gallery. Another great example of a painted tipi is Edward S. Curtis photo, “Plate 141 Apsaroke Medicine Tipi” which you can find on our website.
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