Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

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Edward S. Curtis -   Plate 197 An Idle Hour-Piegan border=
Plate 197 An Idle Hour-Piegan
Portfolio, 18 x 22 inches
Vintage Photogravure
In this serene moment, two native girls sit and look out upon a still lake. The two girl’s backs are towards the camera so that the viewer can participate in the moment. Both are wearing beautiful garments and have beautiful hair, one can see how shiny it is in the detail of the photogravure.

"In disposition the Piegan are particularly tractable and likable. One can scarcely find a tribe so satisfactory to work among. In the old days of primitive customs and laws, they were fond of formalities, especially in their social relations, and these exactions were, of course, largely a part of their religion. A noteworthy phase of such form in their daily and hourly life was the excessive use of the pipe." written by Edward S. Curtis
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