Christopher Burkett (b. 1951)

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Christopher Burkett - Dogwoods, Forest and Mist, TN border=
Dogwoods, Forest and Mist, TN
20 x 24 inches
Cibachrome Photograph
Here's what Christopher Burkett says about this image:

In 2000, Ruth and I traveled to the Appalachia mountains to photograph in the spring. We were especially on the lookout for native Dogwood and Redbud trees, which bloom this time of year. This photograph occurred late one morning while we were in the Great Smoky National Park area. The day dawned very cool, with a foreshadowing of winter in the air. Thick fog enveloped the area, where cold air condensed humidity caused by rain which fell during the night.

We found a narrow, winding one-way road that lead up into the hills. As Ruth slowly drove our camper van, I scanned the woods for a potential photograph. We stopped when I spotted this group of trees and we quickly unloaded the 8x10 camera cases. Ruth continued to drive up the hill almost half a mile before she could park and walk back to where I was. To get the elements of this scene arranged as you see them here was not easy and took time. I finally set up the camera as high as I could, standing on a camera case in order to compose and focus the image on the ground glass. I used the rising front on the camera, to avoid converging verticals and back swing to bring all of the elements into focus.

Fortunately, the air was still, as the exposure needed to be 35 seconds. Not a leaf wavered and the forest had that special quietness that thick fog brings, broken only by the soft sound of water dripping off of the leaves and branches.

For me, this image conveys a quiet peacefulness and strength and is a constant reminder of the “Peace which passeth understanding.”
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